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The Top E-Cig Brands For 2018

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As you approach spring and think about quitting bad habits, you undoubtedly wonder if this is a good time to quit smoking? Any time is a good time, especially if you contemplate replacing cigarettes with e-cigs. Review of sex toys bad dragon adult toys.

Competition is so fierce that prices are at their lowest on many websites, particularly for mini cigs. There are so many brands it’s hard to keep track but lay out the best names right here. These are low-tech devices known as mini cigs; cigalikes; devices as cigarette-like as they come. They don’t provide a lot of power, but when it comes to tricking the addicted mind they do the job very well indeed.

What is a Mini Cig?

A mini cig looks like a cigarette, lights up at the end when you puff on it like a cigarette, and delivers nicotine the way smokes do. They do not contain tobacco or produce ash and, instead of throwing them onto a landfill to leach toxins into your city’s water supply, they can be recharged or recycled because power is produced by a battery.

Best Electronic Cigarette Brand Reviews & Comparisons:

These names are the best of a very good bunch. Their products are economical and receive excellent reviews. Each of these companies is well established. Some produce disposables so you can try them out while others at least make inexpensive, rechargeable starter kits so the financial commitment isn’t huge. All of these brands were among the first to be launched in the US. Their longevity testifies to the quality of their products and customer service.

The following brands of e cigs are unique, and yet they share in common a desire to bring “smoking” to a health-conscious generation. There is an undeniable allure to vaping, but particularly when a person holds one of the following devices and takes a puff of pure pleasure.

Vaporfi – Our #1 Brand Of E Cigarette

VaporFi Express e cig

Few electronic cigarette companies have made such a strong impression on the vaping public as this upstart from Florida. They didn’t join the scene until sibling firms South Beach Smoke and Eversmoke had already tested the waters.

Vaporfi’s main claim to fame for a long time was their e-liquid line which has extended to provide high-vegetable glycerin e juices for sub ohm vaping. Their standard e-liquids opened horizons for mini cig and eGo users who wanted affordable e-juice in many flavors but also high quality.

Vaporfi was also the first major company to provide stepping-stone products from cigalikes (the Express) through eGos (the Pro) to mods (their VOX system) and alternative vaping products for use with herbs (the Orbit).


V2 Cigs – Our #2 Electronic Cigarette Brand

V2 Standard E-Liquid Kit

But this American firm was never far behind. Their e cig line expanded to include a 3-in-1 Pro Series magnetic vaporizer for e liquids, herbs, and concentrates. This revolutionary product was applauded because vapers only need one device to perform three jobs. V2’s original and EX Series mini cigs have also continued to be popular due to their quality, battery longevity, attractive colors, and starter kit selection.

They led the way almost a decade ago and V2 is still a good brand. Versatile starter kits for the Classic and EX series batteries are a bit expensive, but excellent and interesting. Few companies match them for variety. Now: if they could introduce American e-juice, V2 would earn a higher spot.


Halo Cigs – #3 E Cig Brand On Our Review


Halo’s G6 is their colorful alternative to regular cigarettes and an affordable one. They don’t sell disposables but their $45 starter kits wow consumers. Batteries are durable and comfortable to hold, thanks to a special, soft finish. They could last a little longer but there are two choices of size, automatic and manual (button-operated) versions, and cartridges filled with some of the best e-juice available.


South Beach Smoke – #4

South Beach Deluxe Kit

South Beach Smoke offers e cigs for newbies and higher-level devices like their Thunder APV. If you can see yourself progressing as a vaper, then South Beach Smoke is a good choice. Their mini cig offers quality and longevity — maybe the industry’s longest-lasting battery — but not the best price.

Where Green Smoke beats South Beach Smoke is not in terms of quality where they are mostly matched, or variety (South Beach Smoke offers 16 flavors), but affordability. If it weren’t for the cost of South Beach Smoke products, they would probably be number one. Recent starter kit deals, however, provide a chance to try them for less. They also sell disposables.


JUUL – #5


This unusual device is much smaller than ordinary electronic cigarettes with a geometric shape. Without the iconic cylindrical dimensions, one would think the JUUL would appear less cigarette-like than other brands, but somehow it looks and feels just right. The JUUL provides a lot of smooth vapor without the use of buttons — draw on the end and it starts working. A battery light indicator tells vapers when to recharge at a USB port or the charger provided. Flavor pods come in five varieties: Bruulé, Fruut, Miint, Tabaac, Coco Miint.


NJOY – #6

NJOY Recharge Economy Kit

When NJOY e cigs were released vapors were relieved to have access to a higher nicotine level than other brands supplied. An NJOY Daily Tobacco e cig provides 4.5% nicotine — amazing for a disposable cigalike, one of the industry’s favorites. These feel and look like real cigarettes and are so convincing customers might forget they actually quit smoking. NJOY rechargeables provide 2.4% nicotine.

White Cloud – #7

White Cloud Cirrus 3

Although understanding the differences between all of their starter kits is confusing, White Cloud is the best company for disposable e-cigs. Their Fling comes in two sizes and numerous flavors. Try an American style tobacco or exotic Bora Bora. Give fruit vapor a try or some delicious desert. They are inexpensive and filled with USA-made e-juice.

Green Smoke – No Longer In Our “Top 7 Electronic Cigarette Brands Review”

What sets this final US company apart from the rest: is it new technology, gimmicks, or style? I would say that Green Smoke remains popular because they have avoided the gimmicks and trends. Green Smoke customers want and receive just two things: a simple rechargeable cigalike system; and a small assortment of fresh flavors.

Over the years Green Smoke’s vision has been to provide the world with a greener way to “smoke.” Their colors and advertising focus on the environment and how healthy it is to switch from cigarettes to e-cigs. Green Smoke produces a basic electronic cigarette with a roughly 4-hour life cycle after charging, 7 flavors of triple-sealed e-liquid cartridges, and a simple selection of accessories. Designer batteries are interesting but quality and affordability are the drawing cards. Try one of their low-cost starter kits with two batteries and a charging kit and you are well on your way to vaping full-time. The top company doesn’t make anything but e cigs; no eGos or APVs.

E Cigs For Beginners: Shop With Confidence

Buying an electronic cigarette for a smoker is the kind of thing a good friend does. It’s really simple. Don’t let the technology cause you to feel overwhelmed; there’s nothing to it.

Existing vapers obviously have the easiest time since they understand these systems already, but even a brand new e cig user can figure out what to buy on his own using internet tools and taking time to research brands so as to make a knowledgeable purchase.

Electronic Cigarettes for the Beginner

We also love products at; they have a classic traditional Pipe with a modern twist for the 21st century: Traditional wood effect e pipe complete starter kit.

This is a complete vaping kit for the avid pipe smoker.

Follow these steps to become a confident shopper and discover the convenience of vaping. You might not need to start online either. In this article we’ll be talking about:

• disposable e cigs
• rechargeable e cig kits
• mini and eGo cigs
• e juice
• charging equipment and accessories

I will also mention a few of the best brands, known for the quality of their products.

Disposables for Beginners

Across the United States, consumers are starting their vaping experience with disposable e cigs. They feel and act like cigarettes in that you puff them and they produce vapor rather than smoke. Measurements are similar to those of cigarettes although their materials are heavier and feel harder between your fingers. Overall, vapers simulate the act of smoking effectively using disposable e cigs which contain nicotine to satisfy a chemical craving while also satisfying the physical need to hold that tube between their fingers at certain times.

Garages and convenience stores plus some online stores and vape shops sell disposable e cigs containing a little over 1% of nicotine or more than 4% courtesy of NJOY. Some countries only sell nicotine-free examples and US consumers will find a few of these, though they are often e-hookahs containing fruit flavors, not tobacco or menthol. In the early days, stick with flavors closest to what you know.

E Cig Starter Kits

Disposables cost up to $12 and equate to a pack of cigarettes. Rechargeable kits effectively reduce the cost “per pack” to half that amount once you add up the price of cartridges containing e liquid, batteries, and chargers. The price might even be lower; $3 or $4 per pack. If each cartridge represents a package of cigarettes for a smoker who intends to maintain the same level of vaping as smoking, he needs to prepare by stocking up on e juice packages which usually contain five cartridges at a time for about $10 or $2 per cartridge/pack. Buying large numbers at once or signing up for automatic monthly deliveries are two good ways to secure discounts.

You don’t need a lot of equipment to vape happily. A pair of batteries, enough cartridges, and a USB charger are adequate; an AC adapter is helpful. Other items like USB cigs and portable charging cases are gimmicks you might never use. Choose a brand like Halo, Volt, or Vapor4Life to secure quality products at decent prices.

Automatic vs. Manual

The automatic battery operates when you puff on it, which is closest to real smoking. With a manual you press the button to make it go. If you’re going to do that anyway, consider buying an eGo battery. This manual device is longer and thicker than a cigalike, but it is rechargeable, the charge lasts longer, and you get more warmth and vapor from it. They work out to be cheaper than cigalikes if you select brands like Joyetech or Kanger and buy from reputable all-purpose vendors who are authorized retailers for a brand. You’ll also need to refill e-juice from a bottle, so buy a syringe and try assorted flavors from an inexpensive company that makes e juice in an approved lab or clean room using USP ingredients. Brands like Halo, VaporFi, and NicQuid cost far less per/pack or per/ml of e juice than you pay for a pre-filled cartridge but they also offer more flavor choices.

Selecting The Best Electronic Cigarette Brands in 2017

When you talk about e cigs with other consumers, you might find everyone is not talking about the same type of electronic cigarette. Some are discussing mini cigs, a few are referring to eGos, and others have APVs in mind. There are also fans of one brand or another.

Consumers can be very loyal and assertive about their favorites but this is a personal choice. Always buy from reputable brands and you will hold a reliable device in your hands.

The Best E Cigarette

You can get started with a mini cig or an eGo quite comfortably. Neither one is high-tech; each is user-friendly. The one advantage of a mini cig is that they are compatible with cartridges already filled with e juice.

Almost every eGo uses a refillable clearomizer or tank and that gets messy, but you will be surprised how quickly you learn. Batteries are long-lasting with 3, 4, and even 5-hour cells available. South Beach Smoke’s high-drain 240-mAh example is among the best in its class.

Brands of Electronic Cigarettes

Some of the top names out there are South Beach Smoke, Halo, V2, and Vapor4Life. Smokeless Image, 777, Apollo E Cigs, and Volcano are also good although the latter no longer makes mini cigs. VaporFi and Eversmoke are also reliable names or you could get started with White Cloud. These are American companies.

Chinese names such as Innokin, Kanger, JoyeTech, Vision, and SMOK supply low-powered items in the mini cig or eGo range. American brands are easiest to find online but the others are sold by many street-level vendors and online if you can find these models. Disposables are available from most of the US sorts listed above but not from Chinese companies.

Top E Cig Features

What is it about an electronic cigarette that makes it good or bad? Cheap, unfamiliar brands are fragile. The build quality is poor, so you feel like the connection between battery and cartridge could break at any minute. With a solid device, battery threads keep their edge for many weeks, even months.

Good devices aren’t proprietarily threaded in most cases. You can find matching cartridges made by other brands too and increase your available variety of flavors. Firms like Halo provide blank cartridges and top-tier e juice to fill them with.

As for the e juice, this is usually tasty stuff. White Cloud’s Fling disposable e cigs come in several flavors and are all made in the USA as is Halo e juice, Vaporfi e liquid, and many others. Not only do the best-rated brands offer excellent flavor but their vapor quality is considerable considering how small the battery is.

In the eGo department, most of the companies above also contribute. South Beach Smoke carries 4 types: The Air, Thunder, Curve, and Storm. A “Build Your Own Kit” option also lets vapers mix components from these devices and match or mix colors. VaporFi carries the Pro, Rocket, Rebel, and others of varying sizes and abilities. Buy a Pro Series 3-in-1 vaporizer from V2 and use it strictly as an e cig with magnetic connections unlike the usual threading style. This is a stylish option for consumers who also like to vape herbs or wax.

Halo’s Triton is considered one of the industry’s most durable eGo-type vaporizers. All of the devices listed here are manually operated. That means you press the button as a signal to your battery to power-up the atomizer so your cell isn’t on stand-by, using up power all the time.

The Kanger EVOD features 650 mAh of power or more including a variable voltage version. Usually, e cigs release the highest amount of vapor and this declines slowly before the device needs to be recharged. With a VV EVOD, Vision Spinner, or JoyeTech eGo Twist you get to regulate voltage for steady output, and clearomizers made by Kanger and Joye are excellent. Their vapor output is tremendous, threading is compatible with many devices, and they feature replaceable coils heads for extended longevity.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Viable For Nicotine Replacement Therapy?

The FDA will not allow e cig firms to advertise their products to people trying to quit smoking. They cannot be marketed for their role in nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) even though consumers often use them in this capacity. Many smokers testify this is the product they used in order to give up cigarettes and it worked: they were able to quit easily, even after years of trying in other ways in many cases. Their health improved and they began saving money almost right away. Why is the FDA so concerned about electronic cigarettes and why is it that they will not promote the potential healing power of this technology? Understanding this complex question requires a deep understanding of e cig pros and cons.

Pros of E Cigs

One thing this industry does not lack is competition. Since they were first launched in the United States, brands have been added and some have lost ground. As a result, today’s market is saturated. When you talk solely about mini cigs, consumers are faced with dozens of brands: Smokeless Image, Bloog, Vapor4Life, and South Beach Smoke; Eversmoke, VaporFi, and Halo; Triple Seven, V2, and NJoy. If there is a single difficulty here, it’s choosing one of these or the many other quality brands. This is what keeps prices from rising and has even led to several price drops. Competition also fosters innovation. E cigs went from the three-piece to the two-piece format rapidly.

Upgrade to eGos

If you want to change the atomizer and keep your cartridge for a more economical system, that is possible when using eGos. Those aren’t much different from a cigar as far as dimensions are concerned. With an authentic-flavored, cigar-flavored e juice and your eyes closed, you might even fool yourself into thinking the cylinder in your hand is a cigar.

Flavor without Toxins

Even though the flavor and smell are similar, you aren’t tasting the burnt flavor of cigarettes when you vape with e juice. Cigarette chemicals are absent from your vapor and your lungs. Enjoy vaping without guilt or fear: your lungs and those of others are not being subjected to poisons, including formaldehyde: one of many known carcinogens smokers inhale daily. Not only do cigarettes poison people — smokers and second-hand smokers alike — but they also poison the environment. Soil, air, and water quality all suffer whenever people puff on cigarettes or drop butts on the ground.

Flavor without Nicotine

Now we get to the nitty-gritty: how is this a nicotine-replacement product? After all, disposable mini cigs feature as much if not more nicotine than regular cigarettes like Marlboros and Camels. This is true of many disposables, most in fact, but not all. It is possible to locate some nicotine-free products, particularly if you search online. Your starter kit can be supplied with cartridges that contain e juice with or without nicotine, but you can soon upgrade those to nicotine-free refills or to blank cartridges containing nicotine-free e juice.

When you are using good tanks with double coils, and particularly when your system is more sophisticated than a regular e cig (like a vape mod), there are propylene glycol-free (PG-free) e juices that are very thick and this allays the fears some people have about vaping PG. You can even find completely organic products. Soon you could be vaping because you enjoy the motion and routine, not as a way to consume nicotine.

Cons of E Cigs

Every new, controversial technology is faced with advocates and nay-sayers. Many vapers will argue that as NRT goes the e cig is problematic because it is an unknown quantity. Too little research has been conducted; scientists and medical researchers do not yet know enough to say they are good or bad.

Electronic cigarette and e juice manufacturers proclaim their certainty that their goods are completely safe but they don’t really know for sure either. Too little time has passed. As consumers know, it can take decades to prove or disprove a point. Smokers are all too well aware of the ping-pong match that went on between medicos and tobacco companies as they each tried to sell their positions. There was a time when Big Tobacco promoted the health benefits of cigarettes too.

Nicotine delivery is also an issue, especially with hotter machines. The mini cig format is relatively safe as long as you are using a brand name device. Micro technology regulates the batteries and almost guarantees that the industry’s latest devices cannot blow up in a person’s face as long as they are treated properly. High-watt units are more dangerous and vapor could potentially be too hot for a person’s mouth or lungs. Although vapers utilize various methods to cool their vapor, some consumers say they have been seriously injured while vaping. The dangers have nothing to do with nicotine or e juice and everything to do with technology. How can people be sure they won’t also be injured while trying to quit smoking?

Also, there is the risk that teenagers will be drawn to e cigs when they were never drawn to cigarettes. They could be introduced to nicotine for the first time via electronic cigarettes featuring tasty fruit or mint flavors and then to e juices and vaping systems of greater sophistication. Some parents and anti-vaping lobbyists believe they are protecting their kids. Vapers argue that these children probably would have tried smoking and that e cigs are safer. If anything, they are reducing the risks to this young audience. Again, statistics need time to catch up with the arguments. Either side could be right, but it’s more likely there is truth to both arguments.

Will E Cigs become NRT Products?

It’s not likely you will ever see a disposable electronic cigarette or rechargeable device classified as an NRT product. The FDA is yet to be convinced. In the meantime, advertising will continue to focus on factors like tasty fruit and dessert e juice flavors, colorful products, and high-tech innovation. Companies will use sex to sell their products or environmental benefits. E juice and e cig firms will continue to make waves in the smoking community.

Who are Vapor Cigarettes Made For?

The thing with e-cigs is that they are NOT quit smoking devices.  Many people assume that and buy them to use as a product to stop smoking.

However, they aren’t designed to do just that and can not be legally marketed in that capacity. 

Instead, electronic cigarettes are an alternative that offer people a chance to get their nicotine, if they choose, through an atomizer the acts as a heating element to in essence “vaporize” the nicotine juice and turn it into vapor.

Note:  Some people do not wish to have nicotine, which is an addictive substance, and therefore choose to use nicotine free e-juices and cartridges when they consume vapor products.  While it’s obvious that many people do opt for e cigarettes because they do have nicotine, there are some people who don’t wish to have nicotine and for that reason there are 0 mg offers as well.  While we’ve seen e-juices that can go up to 3.6% nicotine, the most common offer is 1.8%.

E Cig Industry Trends Over the Years – Including The Top Electronic Cigarette Companies In Our Reviews

When these innovative products were first introduced there was essentially one way, or the highway.  There were very few brands in the game and they all used a two piece electronic cigarette.  These were very simple in the fact that all you had to do in order to get started with your e-cig experience was charge a battery (which resembled an actual analog cigarette) and screw in a cartridge.  This was made very popular through two brands:  Green Smoke and Blu Cigs.

Then, a highly innovative brand came in and tried to be the Apple of the industry.  They had highly slick marketing and presentation and within a year, they were the leading brand.  They are known as VMR Products, and the brand that put them on the map is V2.  (Formerly V2Cigs.)

This brand won over consumers with an easy two piece electronic cigarette offered in many vibrant colors.  Black, white, red, midnight blue, and even some special release colors such as green for St. Patricks Day and orange for Halloween.

As the years passed, V2 came out with many products to help go hand in hand and provide a true VIP vaping experience.  They came up with everything from a lanyard that went on the neck to safely carry the e-cigs through any conditions, to a portable carrying case called a “PCC.”  This case was essentially a case that neatly carried multiple batteries so you could have a nice place to plac them when you were on the go.  This was later upgraded into a very heavy duty version which was able to charge the batteries while you carried them.  E cigarette review sites were going crazy for this new technology and V2 was the leading company in the two piece or “Mini cig” industry.  It was by far the best electronic cigarette brand out there, and people were buying it up very fast.