April 2016 – Best E Cigs Reviews

April 2016 - Best E Cigs Reviews

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Halo Cigs Review

Halo Cigs ReviewHalo Cigs, a Florida e cig company, is one of the top electronic cigarette brands in America and among the earliest to emerge here too. Their G6 became the first rechargeable e cigarette for many thousands of individuals and has continued to serve a significant number of those same people by satisfying a craving for... Read More »

South Beach Smoke Review

South Beach Smoke ReviewHave you forgotten your roots? I’m talking about your vaping roots; where you got your first e cig and took your first smokeless drag. Do you remember whose product was first to touch your lips or where your original rechargeable starter kit came from? It might have been South Beach Smoke. They were among the... Read More »

V2 Cigs Review

V2 Cigs ReviewWhat, or you might wonder, who is V2 Cigs? All of the many US electronic cigarette companies are started by a person or a pair of people who share a dream. That dream is often an altruistic one of bringing hope to smokers who gave up trying the patch, gum, and cold turkey as means... Read More »

JUUL Vapor Review

JUUL Vapor ReviewThe Juul was designed by two graduates of the Stanford University Design Program operating their own company, PAX Labs of San Francisco, CA. This American firm aims to change the way people “smoke” without switching to e liquid refills in an effort to be rid of smoke and toxins. This company now makes the much-loved... Read More »

NJOY Review

NJOY ReviewAt NJOY, one of America’s first and premier e cig companies, they still occupy a top spot in the hearts of thousands of former smokers. After all, it was NJOY that designed and sold the first e cig so many current vapers first tried. A lot of these people have gone on to make a... Read More »

Blu Cigs Review

Blu Cigs ReviewWhen Blu Cigs was started by Jason Healy back in 2009, he could not have known for sure the way vaping would go even though he must have been hopeful to start the company. He might have hoped, but could he have foreseen the tremendous power these devices would have over the lives of smokers... Read More »