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Apollo vs Mig Vapor

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Mig Vapor has recently shown signs of presenting a bigger challenge to companies like Apollo E Cigs than was previously seen in ratings. They weren’t invisible, but Apollo, V2, Halo, Vaporfi, and South Beach Smoke held the lead. Play with us at the best casino on the internet at no account casino review. Doubled deposit! Go over and win!

Mig Vapor stuck it out with their loyal customers and continued to grow and progress. If vapers only had these two companies to choose from, which would give them the most satisfaction? Which one would I prefer as an e cig reviewer? That’s what this article should settle.


Three years ago, Apollo still listed at least two mini cig starter sets. They carried more pre-filled cartomizer flavors and their selection of other products was limited to second-level vaping kits. The site was so simple and welcoming, with filters depicting which kit was best for a heavy, moderate, or light smoker.

Today’s Apollo is more of a mid- to experienced-level place. Consumers will discover every type of e cig from mini cigs to eGos plus unregulated and regulated mods.

Their e juice selection, however, has exploded and is heavily in favor of sub ohm vaping. There are several Max-VG products and some award-winners among them. Apollo seems prouder of their e juice than of anything else.

Changes to selection at California’s Apollo E Cigs showed that the company was keeping up with technological changes such as new batteries with spring-loaded connecting pins and top-rated tanks. There are numerous kits, pricing is affordable, but the site is becoming cluttered with all of the selection.

This is not my favorite website, but saying that, I find Apollo to be one of the most transparent companies. Explanations of what goes into e juice, where it is made, and discussing manufacturing policies are extremely helpful.

I know, for instance, that the company designs its own products and oversees manufacturing even though what’s not said indicates that electronics are not made in the United States (probably China).

Mig Vapor

I was surprised by selection at Mig Vapor which does not discern between users of e liquids and herbs. Each one is searching for a suitable alternative to smoking; a new way to deliver nicotine without combustion. Mig Vapor is inclusive, starting with their array of cigalikes and the Mig 21 which pairs their relatively powerful mini cig battery with a narrow clearomizer.

They also make their own e juice and also have Chinese company Hangsen make some e juice for them. There’s a compromise going on here, and a total lack of transparency about their product. I can’t find anything written on the website about their use of USP ingredients or certification for their US lab.

I would have to go offsite to read more about Hangsen and determine their standards. E juice here is just about as varied as it is at Apollo, but Apollo makes all of their own e liquid right in California. This just isn’t the case at Florida’s Mig Vapor.

Although I like seeing every vaper accommodated, I wonder if both firms aren’t trying to be a little too inclusive, especially Mig Vapor. There’s a lot of stuff here, but at least the Mig Vapor website more effectively filters items. Sub-headings lead to a synopsis of each item which really saves time.


I’m a bit caught-up on the e-juice. This is where vapers are most vulnerable to the lack of regulation. Consequently, Apollo is marginally better in my view.

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