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Companies like Apollo, V2 Cigs, Halo, and South Beach Smoke are the old guard of the American e cig industry. As the face of this industry changes under the watchful eye of government regulators, they might also form the backbone of vaping as we know it in this country.

Small businesses can’t afford to make the changes that will be necessary to their entire infrastructure while larger firms such as Apollo either possess the means or were already operating at or near FDA standards long before regulation came to pass.

Why should vapers shop with Apollo? What are some reasons a smoker would choose Apollo products over the names above and other e cig businesses in the USA? There is room for competition, but the following review will outline the many good features of this multi-level vaping company.

Why Apollo Believes Consumers Should Choose Them

Much of the competition generally relies on foreign manufacturers to design and re-label goods with American logos. Not all of them do this, but a lot of firms don’t bother to point out that their R&D departments and manufacturing centers produce the devices listed on their website.

Apollo makes this clear. Such facts matter because Americans are patriotic and they also trust US standards more than those from foreign locations which might not be as strict.

Staff and the heads of this organization don’t just sell e cigs; they know their business. These are vaping professionals but also professionals in other disciplines with a lot of IT savvy and some experience of the tobacco industry too. They combine forces to effectively design products real people will like and have been doing so since the beginning when e cigs first came to the US.

Their products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty and a satisfaction guarantee. Apollo wants their customers to be happy so they come back, one reason they also lay claim to the market’s lowest pricing policies. Verifying these facts would take some research and how does one compare like for like anyway? There are too many variations in product and bundle configurations to do that.

Apollo E Cigs is made up of passionate and compassionate individuals. They have your best interests at heart which is why they work long days to fulfill orders and answer phone calls. Truly, they advertise some of the longest customer service hours around.

Reviews of Apollo products and their team are all real; they aren’t written by an SEO team looking to enhance their client’s online reputation and rankings. That’s because the company promises to listen to what their customers are saying and to act where necessary.

Apollo Goals

Customers are central to the objectives of this US business which is one reason they are consistently near the top in consumer polls. They always aim to “deliver the best possible vaping experience” with top products like excellent, even award-winning e juice and a varied spectrum of electronics so that you can shop here if you are just starting out, really experienced, or moderately confident. Apollo hopes to create and maintain a business everyone involved can feel good about, whether that’s staff or clients, and to act with integrity at every turn.

Rewards for Customers

Apollo provides additional incentives besides top-notch products. Become a customer and earn points by shopping, reviewing, and sharing. Every 100 points provides you with one dollar to spend at the Apollo online store. Once points are in your account, you must spend them within 31 days.

Earn by shopping, by referring people, and by sending a testimonial about your Apollo experience. Referrals net customers a 20% discount on their next purchase, $20 cash, and 15% for those friends recently referred. There’s money for written testimonials with photos and for positive video reviews too.

E Juice at Apollo

Long before the FDA started breathing down everyone’s necks, Apollo’s juice masters knew there would have to be regulation. It’s in the interests of everyone’s safety that the e juice industry be regulated in some way.

What if someone got sick because hygiene was lacking? That would be bad for the client, bad for the vendor, and bad for the whole industry. Apollo makes their e juices in a lab based in California, their home state, and also employs professional chemists with their doctorates or BSc degrees to oversee operations in this ISO 8-certified lab where food production standards are maintained (translation: these are very high standards).

Every flavor contains USP ingredients too including a half-and-half blend of VG and PG unless you are browsing premium sub ohm flavors. Flavorings are Food Safe and nicotine is Lab-Grade.

Try a starter kit such as the Reliant mod with a Phazer tank. This 60W system features variable wattage, temperature control, and temperature coefficient of resistance mode (TCR).

The Phazer offers juice and airflow control in one package plus 0.5 and 0.2-ohm coils included in the set. An LED screen displays output and temp plus your resistance and battery level. Swap a dead battery for a recently-charged one or use it as a pass-through device plugged into a USB outlet.

The Valiant Starter Kit features a 1300mAh VV/VW battery with a resistance meter to protect your device from a short circuit. Top ratings are 6V or 15W depending on the setting. A 10-ml bottle of e liquid is supplied for filling the ProTank 2 that comes with the Valiant battery plus a USB charging system.

The Endeavor is a 900mAh eGo-style device priced only $40. You receive 2 eGos and, astoundingly, e juice is included. Fees are truly competitive.

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