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Blu Cigs

Blu Cigs

When Blu Cigs was started by Jason Healy back in 2009, he could not have known for sure the way vaping would go even though he must have been hopeful to start the company. He might have hoped, but could he have foreseen the tremendous power these devices would have over the lives of smokers around the world or the arguments they would start?

Maybe he thought change would come slowly, but e cigs took off with unimaginable speed and today — 2016 — Healy can look back and smile. He has come a long way. Blu Cigs might not be as dominant anymore, but that is because other firms have risen to challenge the market and improve the quality of these devices. It’s a good scenario for vapers and a challenge for Blu Cigs.

Competition Is Good

A few years ago Blu Cigs would have been in the top ten of e cig brands pretty much across the board, and they were the entry product for many vapers. Now they make it to the top 20, but it is becoming harder to break through to the higher levels on any list and one’s quality must be top-notch.

There are simply so many brands to make way for and people aren’t looking for gimmicks. Perhaps if you had to compare mini cigs rather than brands it would be easier: Green Smoke vs. Blu; White Cloud vs. 21st Century Smoke for example. They don’t make intermediate vaping gear. Otherwise, you are looking at giants such as Vaporfi who have taken the market by storm because they cater to an audience of beginners, mid-level vapers, and experienced consumers. Where does Blu find its place?

Blu DisposablesDisposables, Beginners, and Online Sales

Blu Cigs maintains their hold on the market by addressing the following needs:

• consumers still need disposable options sold at garages and corner stores
• clients want to move forward with user-friendly, rechargeable cigalikes
• the online market makes shopping convenient and discrete

Add one more element to the list: style. One must not forget that while other brands played on the psychology of smokers by creating a look-alike product, Blu only kept the size and shape of a cigarette.

They cultivated a certain style which has caught on enough to be instantly recognizable. Blu abandoned the regular white/tan item with a glowing red ember in favor of black e cigs and a blue light at the tip which no one could mistake for a cigarette.

Flavor Variety

This has never been a long list, but flavors from Blu are considered tasty and vapor is okay. What you really want at this point is a few tobacco and menthol choices plus one or two extras like a popular fruit and Blu delivers.

Their disposable e cigs come in three styles: tobacco, cherry, and menthol. Replacement cartridges for rechargeable e cigs are available in these three styles plus Pina Colada, Peach Schnapps, vanilla, a coffee style on sale, plus a second style of tobacco which is currently a limited edition while consumers try it out.

Behind Blu

Jason Healy is not just the head of a company; he likes to stake out the front of the fight against anti-vaping legislation and public regulations which seem to discriminate against vaping. One might argue that there are two sides to every argument, but Healy is convinced second-hand vaping is completely safe.

Although Lorillard (owned by Reynolds American now), a tobacco firm, took over in 2012, Healy does not let that stop him from standing up for vapers. He did, however, take a break for a while. During that time, he was resting and thinking; involved, but not in the midst of the melee.

Returning to Blu recently, he is ready to face the FDA and carry Blu to the end of its first decade stronger than before. He couldn’t let legislation, fear, or competition ruin his company and he is physically and psychologically ready for the next phase of Blu Cigs. Following pre-sales of his Plus kit, the success energized him to keep going with this more consistent device and they sold out with two pre-sales.

Blu Cigs Plus KitBlu Cigs Plus Kit

The Plus is a non-refillable system but rechargeable, and the battery operates at a more consistent level than before. There is more vapor when you puff and watch the blue bulb light up.

Success was enough to lead to a UK launch in 2015 which was successful too; Europe is a big market. The $15 Plus Express Kit, available online, contains two Classic Tobacco tanks with more than 500 puffs each, a rechargeable battery worth two or the usual Blu batteries, and a USB charger.

Earlier Blu Cigs Technology

Vapers can still choose the Premium Kit and stick with what they know: comfortable, flavorful vaping from Blu Cigs. Retain the social features which allowed Blu rechargeables to stand out.

There is the Blu Premium100 pack with its blue light that glows when other Blu Premium vapers are nearby. The Premium100 boasts 10% larger cartridges over previous versions and is only compatible with Premium100 batteries. Customers receive a USB/AC set too.

Disposable Blu

Don’t want the hassle of recharging or assembling e cigs? Here is the answer: disposable Blu Cigs, sold online and at participating retailers in singles and doubles. One word of caution: these are not inexpensive disposable e cigs but $10 items. The price is not the cleapest, but you won’t mind if quality is high. Each one should last you the equivalent of two packages of cigarettes and you can recycle them like ordinary batteries. Buy tobacco, menthol, or cherry. Each one contains 2.4% nicotine per/ml.

Choose Auto-shipments

Sign up to receive Blu Cigs products shipped at regular intervals. They will arrive automatically with no need for you to fill out a form once you sign up and get going. Clients who subscribe to automatic shipments earn rewards from Blu too. You also earn rewards for just being a regular customer. Turn those points in for money when you buy Blu products online.

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