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Electronic Cigarettes 101

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What Is An Atomizer?

What Is An Atomizer?Vapers have come to associate atomizers with high-end tanks. They usually refer to their Rebuildable Tank Atomziers, Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers, and so on. What they forget is that the atomizer part is actually not the tank itself but a component of the overall design. Atomizer at a Glance Did you ever wonder where the word... Read More »


With all of the speculation and controversy about e juice it is tempting to wonder if this is some magical, mythical, or illicit substance. E liquid has come under scrutiny by the FDA and there is good reason for that. Consumers did not know what was in it. Even the makers of e liquid were... Read More »

What Is A Cartomizer?

What Is A Cartomizer?Some vapers are too young or too new to e cigs to remember the three-part electronic cigarette. These devices were comprised of a battery, cartridge, and atomizer. You still see this in the Joyetech eRoll and similar Chinese devices. Some people even prefer this design. Clearly, however, American audiences have been drawn to the two-part... Read More »