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Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

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Warring factions in the e cig debate cite numerous reasons for and against these devices. Some arguments are thematically similar. When consumers argue about the pros and cons of e cigs, how do disposable examples fare?

Disposable E Cigs: the Opportunity

If not for garages and convenience stores, a lot of the vapers currently puffing happily on personal vaporizers and enjoying gourmet, nicotine-free e liquid would not have tried e cigs.

Tempted in the moment while waiting to buy cigarettes, they took home these little pens and discovered that vaping could be a great alternative to their regular habit of smoking cigarettes. Some of them even taste like fruit.

It is suggested by some statistics that most people start vaping with products for one-time-use before buying rechargeable sets. Brands such as NJOY, Vuse, Blu, and V2 disposables have been available over the counter from many retailers for several years and prove popular, even for vapers who have already decided they like e cigs better than cigarettes.

Disposables provide choice and opportunity without having to connect to an online vendor and start an account.

Understandable Mistrust

Who can blame them? A year ago or less, scams were still thriving online. Ghost companies enticed customers to buy e cigs over the internet using credit card details to secure a cheap deal. With their details in hand these crooks stole thousands of dollars from clients in unapproved payments.

When your local corner store carries disposables for $10, no shipping fees apply. Credit card details aren’t required. The temptation is to stick with this safe option. It’s not as environmentally friendly, but better than cigarettes.

Electronic Environmental Awareness

Green thinking has permeated American society which, though good news, puts consumers in an ethical pickle. Should they finally trust a business to supply rechargeable batteries and start screwing on cartomizers or clearomizers?

After all, they are throwing out or recycling disposables at a steady rate. That accounts for a lot of e-waste.

Ideally, disposables will lead to rechargeable starter kits, creating far less waste and a potentially more satisfying experience.

Rechargeable e cigs are also more cost effective over time.

The argument can be turned on opponents of e cigs too: aren’t e cigs (disposable or rechargeable) reducing pollution on a massive scale?

Mainstream studies prove what a disaster cigarette smoke and butts have been to the environment. At least there is the potential to recycle e cig batteries and cartridges if people take the time.

Saving Money

Another reason people turn to vaping is to save money. The yearly cost for cigarettes could be enough for each smoker to pay for a holiday.

Vaping should save them hundreds of dollars. Do disposables also provide this level of savings?

That depends: consumers can buy in bulk online. This introduces them to many brands, nicotine strengths, flavors, and prices.

Ordering them in large volumes can save the consumer lots of money, perhaps as much as using an eGo when various costs are factored in. Purchased one at a time, however, they amount to ten dollar packs of cigarettes. Smokers on 2-packs a day save a few dollars every week.

Typically vapers will then move onto rechargeable products to save money also.


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