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With all of the speculation and controversy about e juice it is tempting to wonder if this is some magical, mythical, or illicit substance. E liquid has come under scrutiny by the FDA and there is good reason for that. Consumers did not know what was in it.

Even the makers of e liquid were not always sure. This is always bad news for customers and an industry overall whether the industry sells crackers, cookies, or vapor liquid. Issues with ingredients can lead to illness, even death, and could cause lawsuits down the road, wrecking the vaping industry.

Where You See E Juice

Customers find e juice in cartomizers, clearomizers, and e juice bottles both glass and plastic. There are a few pre-filled clearomizers on the market for eGo batteries, but most pre-filled items are cartomizers for small cigalike batteries.

Generally, consumers choose to buy blank cartomizers, clearomizers, tanks, RDAs, and drip e juice into them from a bottle as this is the least expensive method, provides the best quality, and offers the most selection.

What is E Juice?

Vapers often wonder about this and ask the question innocently enough. Then they are hit with a litany of words they don’t understand. What is propylene glycol (PG)? Have they ever encountered vegetable glycerin (VG) before? Nicotine is found in cigarettes, right; it’s a by-product of tobacco? Then there are flavorings both natural and unnatural plus, sometimes, alcohol and preservatives.

At least two of these ingredients are combined to form a liquid which a heating coil in an e cig cartridge or tank causes to become vapor: flavoring and VG or PG. A battery makes this coil so hot that e liquid produces clouds of vapor but does not burn the substance to create smoke.

What are the Options?

Propylene glycol was a popular first stop for makers of e juice because it creates a better tobacco or menthol-style like real cigarettes, including the throat hit. PG has caused reactions among some consumers who are sensitive to it but PG is very common, found in asthma medication and at night clubs where fake smoke is used.

Vegetable glycerin is a thickener found in shampoo derived from numerous sources. There has been an issue with sensitivity among people allergic to peanuts depending on the source but generally this is considered the safer and more natural product. Organic VG is available but PG is synthetic.

Vapor Juice companies in the USA should be able to assure customers they are using USP (United States Pharmaceutical) grade products including nicotine (optional in e liquid) and VG/PG. As for flavorings, these should be Food Grade, Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS). Their origins are often questionable, coming from a lab instead of nature.

A number of consumers prefer organic, all-natural products which results in limited flavor selection. Only certain flavorings can be derived from nature and still produce a liquid which can be vaporized. Fruits are favorites.

Gourmet Brands

E liquid companies often promote their products as “artisan,” “premium,” or “top shelf” which simply means they are complex flavors made in small batches. These US brands tend to sound like exotic cocktails or dishes from fancy restaurants.

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