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Halo Cigs Review

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Halo Cigs Review

Halo Cigs, a Florida e cig company, is one of the top electronic cigarette brands in America and among the earliest to emerge here too. Their G6 became the first rechargeable e cigarette for many thousands of individuals and has continued to serve a significant number of those same people by satisfying a craving for something like a cigarette but without the negative characteristics.

They only make rechargeable e cigs, no disposables, and their products are mostly sold online. A few vape stores at street level carry their starter kits, but online is the most affordable shopping format for Halo customers.

Smoking Negatives vs. Vaping Positives

What are the negatives of smoking? Cancer is the top one: cigarette smoking, both directly and second-hand, is a leading cause of lung and mouth cancers. It is also a cause or contributing factor in the development of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder), Asthma, and Emphysema.

Kids whose parents smoke in the home or the car also develop these diseases or are more prone to coughs and chest colds. Other negatives include the smell: smokers’ breath, hands, clothing, and hair smells bad. Go into the home or car of a smoker and non-smokers want to gag. Their fingers and teeth are yellow. Food doesn’t taste as rich; they don’t enjoy flavors or smells as much as other people. Cigarettes are expensive and toxic to the environment.

By contrast, vapers often smell good, carrying around the aroma of whatever flavor is in their e cig. That might be a simulated variety of tobacco, mint, or fruit, but it’s not burning so the acrid tinge is gone. Vapers do not have yellow fingers or teeth.

Many consumers report that by switching to e cigs after smoking for years, they don’t cough as much or at all. They take up new sports or simply find it easier to climb stairs or walk up a hill without getting out of breath.

The environment benefits when vapers choose rechargeable cells and opt to recycle them at the end of their life instead of smoking cigarettes and dropping butts on the ground or depositing them in landfills to leach into soil and water. A lot isn’t known about vaping, but this much is true: it’s got to be better than smoking. Halo is proud to be a part of smokers’ transformation.

Halo: a Leading Company

Halo Cigs is frequently in the top 10 and even top 5 e cig companies as chosen by vapers and experts. They make an affordable and beautiful product but the G6 is only one of their four vaping devices: they also make the Triton, Tracer, and Reactor, each one more advanced than the other. Halo’s e juices are also known worldwide for their quality and affordability. They design their own products and make e liquids in the United States using only approved ingredients and operating in a facility compliant with US regulations.

Halo G6 Mini Cig


This mini cig does not resemble a cigarette as closely as some brands, especially not when you buy a red one. It’s the right size and shape, though. There are two sizes and two formats: long or short and automatic or manual.

The manual one is operated by pressing a button and the automatic one fires up on the inhale without pressing any button. Blank and pre-filled cartridges are available so you can fill up with e juice or go for a mess-free style of vaping.

Bottled e liquid is more economical and is available in more flavors than cartridges, plus it is possible to refill with other brands besides Halo, although why would you? Halo makes excellent quality products in popular flavor such as several tobacco and menthol/mint types, chocolate, and mentholated fruit.

Halo Triton eGo-Type E Cig

Halo Triton Kit

This larger e cig comes in four sizes which equate to four battery ratings determining how long they hold a charge. This system, offered in 11 possible colors, provides a tank more than double the size of a G6 cartomizer (2.4 ml) and batteries starting at 400mAh.

Tracer Tube Mod APV

Halo Tracer Starter Kit

Choose the Tracer when even a Triton isn’t powerful enough. You want the power of a 2600mAh rechargeable battery and a larger tank (3.5 ml) with replaceable coils and sub-ohm capacity (0.5 ohms) so you can start chasing clouds. The mouthpiece is wide to allow more vapor flow and to cool vapor as well.

Reactor Vape Mod

Halo Reactor Kit

Halo’s attractive box mod competes with advanced machinery from Innokin and Eleaf. Inside it features a 4,400mAh cell and on the outside vapers can select wattage, up to 50W if they choose. The LED screen shows power ratings, resistance, and state of your battery charge.

Atop the Reactor, attach a 5-ml tank included with this set, a tank featuring dual coils so that consumers are able to produce a lot of vapor. The mouthpiece made of glass adds to a clean and sleek overall appearance.

E Juice at Halo

Halo Eliquids

Halo’s e juice specialists made a name for themselves by producing a lot of tobacco varieties from subtle flavors to bold styles. They include dry and smooth; sweet and nutty types. Halo also added a caramel flavor (Devlin) and one of their best-sellers for years is a decadent dessert (Belgian Cocoa).

Choose the regular blend for ordinary coils or select a high-VG variety if it’s available in your preferred flavor. This V-Type style contains more vegetable glycerin than the original blend, so it’s thicker and makes bigger, richer clouds, but is only for use with dual coils or more advanced setups like the SMOK TFV4 or Arctic V8.

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