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JUUL Vapor Review

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JUUL Vapor Review

The Juul was designed by two graduates of the Stanford University Design Program operating their own company, PAX Labs of San Francisco, CA. This American firm aims to change the way people “smoke” without switching to e liquid refills in an effort to be rid of smoke and toxins. This company now makes the much-loved PAX portable for vaporizing dried herbs and the JUUL E Cig.

JUUL KitThe JUUL Vaporizer

Most vaporizers are a lot bigger than the JUUL and so is the usual assortment of e cigs. They tend to be cylindrical or elliptical, at least the really discrete ones, but JUUL breaks the mold.

At PAX Labs they chose to try a new shape, and this could be the shape of things to come. Many vape mods achieve stealth mode by looking like something else such as an inhaler or felt-tipped pen. The JUUL resembles a memory stick for your computer.

Getting Started

JUUL flavors are created using proprietary, pre-filled pods. This insert is placed at one end of the JUUL becoming a mouthpiece as well. There is nothing to press; no buttons or screens. Insert the pod into a fully-charged vape stick and draw.

Vapers will be impressed by how much vapor they produce. Smokers will be converted by this small, user-friendly, flavorful and vaporful medium. Together, the two parts form a long, thin rectangle but their power is substantial and surprising.

Detecting a Charge Level

With no screen, consumers still need a guide to the JUUL’s battery charge status. This is provided by the good old-fashioned light indicator seen on many herbal and e liquid units such as the Innokin CLK. Like this well-known e cig, the JUUL indicates what sort of charge remains by telling the little light to glow red for low power, yellow for moderate power, and green to say there’s plenty in the tank.

Recharge by standing the JUUL in a USB charger featuring a magnetic connection. This should take about 60 minutes. Apart from charge indicator lights, the only other color is seen on the pods; otherwise, the JUUL is black and stealthy.

Mess-free, Hassle-free

The JUUL by Pax Labs combines the worry- and mess-free cartridge method of mini cig e juice delivery with assorted flavors to create a new look. Vapers enjoy the taste of smoking without burning paper and herbs, rolling their own, or carrying around matches or a lighter.

Like e cig cartridges, the JUUL works with e juice. Special pods are available in assorted flavors: Virginia Tobacco, Cool Mint, Fruit Medley, and Crème Brulee. Multi-packs are also available and each pack contains 4 pods for a total cost of $15.99.

Why Pax Labs Thinks This Is a Better Way to Vape

The JUUL is innovative, but is it effective? Can vapers expect to enjoy the experience beyond its eye-catching form? Here is what you should know. The JUUL is incredibly user-friendly. There is virtually no learning curve; no complexity to come to grips with, at least not for the consumer.

All of that has been achieved internally and in the design stage. People who smoke right now can be vaping full-time without having to “learn” much of anything. They already know how to puff after all. This is still a means of inhaling nicotine at 5% no less. Pax Labs purifies and simplifies the experience.

There are no buttons to press in order to produce vapor. A setting for temperature output is internally regulated for consistent performance, but also a smooth sensation when you inhale rather than the harsh one supplied by a burning cigarette or even a portable vaporizer utilizing dry herbs and a combustion heating system.

Tiny Battery

Even a little cell is potentially dangerous, but it’s not bulky. The JUUL’s little battery supplies 200 puffs of vapor with every charge and can be recharged many times before finally failing to perform. The coil inside each pod is replaced every time the old one comes out so you don’t risk experiencing a burnt, dry, or acrid inhalation.

The Auto-Ship Option

Pax Labs is smart; they introduced an auto-ship program early on. Like ones available from South Beach Smoke and VaporFi, this is a system to reduce the hassle of ordering pods and a means of saving money. Find out how to get on board with automatic shipments and remove one task from your weekly grind.

The auto-ship method works like this. You decide how many pods you think you need every week and multiply that amount for a month’s worth of supplies. Each pack contains 4 pods. Most vapers use between two and eight pods weekly, amounting to around 8 to 32 pods in a month or 2 to 8 packs.

There are three options. The Social pack supplies 2 pods each week or 2 packs of 4. The Regular option doubles this. Choose “Frequent” for a delivery of 8 pods weekly or a total of 32 pods each month. The smallest delivery option for the monthly auto-ship program is the Social pack. Subscribers receive 25% off of their first purchase.

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