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Mig Vapor Review

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Mig Vapor Review

Only a few US companies are selling a lot of different mini cigs, mid-level e cigs, and advanced devices right now. Vaporfi is one of them; another is Mig Vapor. Selection here is insane with cigalikes starting at 280mAh and vape mods up to 100W. They make their own e juice too. Here is Mig Vapor from Pompano Beach, Florida.

Mig Vapor, the Company

Mig Vapor was founded by people who used to smoke. They gave up the habit, but only after trying a lot of e cig brands without finding total satisfaction.

Instead of giving up e cigs, they developed their own brand and mixed e juice ingredients to come up with a satisfying line of products. The electronic side was the more challenging with weak batteries and poor vapor to contend with from other companies.

Over time, these “electronic geeks” felt they had cracked an unwritten code and the Mig Cig was born into a burgeoning industry. The control board in their device was more consistent than others and, unlike many brands, they didn’t start with a cheap, low-power battery.

They went straight for the jugular with a 280mAh cell. This 4.2V battery is joined by a 380mAh, long option and comes in both automatic and manual running styles plus several colors.

The people at Mig Vapor believe manual is better because there is no waiting for the cigarette to be ready. You puff and it works right away without constantly draining the battery while it’s not being used.

A Heartfelt Plea

At Mig Vapor, they don’t want business from people who never smoked and have no intention of starting. In their eyes, this isn’t a habit you should pick up but one to avoid just like smoking if you haven’t smoked before.

Nicotine is an addictive substance and there are still many things the industry can’t say for sure about vaping products. For the sake of safety, they beg “If you don’t smoke, please don’t start vaping. This is an alternative to smoking.”

I am impressed the firm says such a thing, dissuading non-smokers from buying their products. They are like that department store Santa who sends you to the competitor’s shop to find the better deal on a toy for your kids at Christmas, and we love Mig Vapor all the more as a result.

Products from Mig Vapor

Smokers usually start with the Mig Cig, their cigalike, because it’s the one that looks and feels most like a real cigarette. Your brain still wants a cigarette to hold so you can fool it by placing a reasonably similar item between your forefinger and middle finger in its place. Even though you know it’s not a cigarette, the short tube satisfies much like analogs would and is the easiest device to get used to.

These are not the cheapest on the market, however, and overall you should be switching to eGos or quitting vaping as well as quitting smoking. Pre-filled cartridges cost about $2 each or $10 for 5 and although this is the easiest way to go with a rechargeable battery, it’s not the most economical. Upgrade to the Mig 21 with its clearomizer and add e juice. Learn how to refill a clearomizer to save money and prepare for the next level of vaping.

Next Level

Vapers can upgrade to non-variable or Variable Voltage APVs which are a lot like eGos but larger. The Phantom is a 1600mAh device. A pattern of LED signals indicates the power level of your battery. An SR72 supplies 1300 to 1600mAh of battery power plus a special new tank with Bottom Vertical Coils. This creates more surface area in the coil design so as to create more vapor.

Level Three: Mods

Now that you have a sense of what real power feels like, move on to the Minion 30W mod, a 2200mAh 5W to 40W ZStick, or a Morpheus. The Neo is their 100W mod exclusively for experienced vapers. Tanks to accompany these devices are set up for sub ohm vaping. This means they contain coils built for under 1 ohm of resistance and will produce a lot of vapor.

E Juice at Mig Vapor

As for e liquid, I would like Mig Vapor to be more transparent. I was searching for signs of USP ingredients and an ISO-compliant lab but found nothing to satisfy my curiosity.

Some e juices are made in the US but some are made by Hangsen under the supervision of Mig Vapor. They are totally open about having e liquid made in China at least. There isn’t a flavor you can’t find or make, thanks to their custom e juice blending service.

Pricing is excellent across the board, whether you select a single-flavor option or a complex variety full of vegetable glycerin for sub ohm vaping.

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