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NJOY Review

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NJOY Review

At NJOY, one of America’s first and premier e cig companies, they still occupy a top spot in the hearts of thousands of former smokers. After all, it was NJOY that designed and sold the first e cig so many current vapers first tried.

A lot of these people have gone on to make a permanent switch to vaping. Others have discovered a new hobby and feel like firms such as NJOY saved their lives. Find out why NJOY is more than just a past-tense king but retains a royal seat among vape companies.

NJOY King PacksStill Kings

One reason is their Kings disposable e cig, a favorite then and now, sold in hundreds of convenience stores around the country.

NJOY’s original plan was to mimic the feel, taste, and hit of a real cigarette by providing a lot of nicotine, ample vapor, and a cylindrical shape of similar size to that of analogs.

Their plan must have worked as countless vapers count the King as their first e cigs. This disposable device comes in Bold Tobacco, Gold Tobacco, and Menthol flavors and is sold online in packs of 5 or more; up to 100 at one time.

That is the cheapest choice if you are re-selling them at your bar or giving them as gifts to smoking employees at a large company. Each one contains 4.5% nicotine and replaces at least one package of cigarettes, but you don’t light them, press buttons, or recharge the battery.

Recycle Kings when you are done with them. For more information, read what customers have posted online about this award-winning product.

NJOY Daily DisposablesDaily Dose of NJOY

Choose an alternative known as the Daily for the chance to buy one e cig at a time online or packages of 5, 20, or 100.

They are slightly larger than the Kings and just as powerful with the industry’s highest level of nicotine for an e cig: 4.5% again.

Select a flavor from Blue and Blackberry, Rich or Classic Tobacco, or Cool Menthol. Their containers look like flip-top lighters but they expose something even better.

Recycling Rewards

Right now, NJOY is running a promotion to encourage people to recycle their e cigs batteries. This is one of the most sensitive points about e cigs: discarded batteries in landfills are not good for the environment.

If vapers could prove they care about the earth, their opponents would have one fewer reason to argue against e cigs. Recycle 40 Kings and you will receive 5 free Kings. Recycle 14 Daily disposable e cigs and receive one free Daily. Check out the website to see how that works.

NJOY Recharge KitsRechargeable eNJOYment

Recharging e cig batteries is the cheapest and eco-friendliest way to go. Reduce your waste and make a battery last longer.

Although disposables are still cheaper than cigarettes in most states, buying a rechargeable kit makes this an even more affordable alternative to cigarettes.

NJOY kits come with two batteries, replacements for the flavor cartridges, and charging devices. Cartridges snap on and off the battery, so they are proprietary.

Kits vary in size from the economy option to deluxe kits. A sale is on, so the biggest one costs about half its usual price. Your set contains two portable packs which each hold 4 pre-charged 110mAh batteries, 2 Gold Tobacco Flavor Chambers, 2 Menthol Flavor Chambers and 2 USB chargers; two AC adapters; a pair of cases; and six flavor replacements.

A 110mAh battery only lasts a couple of hours before requiring a recharge, but this takes no time with such a small level of power. Flavors available are Bold or Gold Tobacco, Menthol, and Pomegranate.

NJOY Pre-Filled Tanks and BatteryUpgrading to Higher Power

Here’s an idea: jump to the next power level now that you’re accustomed to vaping. The NJOY Vape Pen starter set contains a 650mAh cell with a top-fill tank.

The USB and wall charging pair are also included for $30. A Standard Kit comes with 4 extra tanks and 5 bottles of e juice, 10 ml each, plus a soft carry case.

The Premium Kit is your best value with two 1000mAh batteries attached to the same tanks, two of the 650mAh pens with tanks, ten bottles of e juice (100 ml total), six extra tanks, two charging kits, and two carry cases.

Again, there’s a sale on, so take advantage and buy some higher-tech e cigs that will take you through the day without having to recharge your battery.

NJOY Artist CollectionNJOY E Juice

The Artist Collection is a series of 5 specially-formulated premium e liquids costing $19.99 for 30 ml each. Created by men and women famed for their vapor juices, the flavors can also be purchased in a gift box for $114.99.

Pre-filled 3-ml tanks cost $5.99 each. They’re disposable tanks containing Classic Tobacco, Menthol, Blue and Blackberry, Vanilla Bean, or Peach Tea e juice. Save by ordering multiples.

All of their e juices are made to pharmaceutical-grade specifications in the United States using ingredients from the US and overseas to meet all possible regulatory standards and ensure the safety and satisfaction of customers. Bottles are child-resistant.

More from NJOY

At NJOY, the management knows how sophisticated customers become over time. In the beginning, just puffing a cigalike was a risqué and forward act. Now, vapers expect much more from this fascinating form of “smokeless smoking.”

NJOY doesn’t make vape mods, but they know a company that will satisfy the curious, experienced vaper ready for a new challenge. They carry Eleaf iStick mods to satisfy these advanced consumers, the 50W specifically which is available in several colors and currently offered at a sizable discount.

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