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V2 Cigs Review

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V2 Cigs Review

What, or you might wonder, who is V2 Cigs? All of the many US electronic cigarette companies are started by a person or a pair of people who share a dream. That dream is often an altruistic one of bringing hope to smokers who gave up trying the patch, gum, and cold turkey as means of giving up cigarettes.

For the entrepreneurs behind today’s biggest brands of electronic cigs, like V2, there is nothing better than hearing the story of a 20-year (or more) smoker who, having tried their product, was able to butt out their last tobacco cigarette and make the switch to an electronic alternative.

About V2 Cigs

So what about V2 specifically? V2, according to their bio, is the internet’s largest e cig retailer. Products are designed in the US although we also know their electronics are manufactured in China, but that’s the case with most US companies selling anything.

At V2 they have a reputation for customer service, giving customers the attention of real people (that’s the “who”) possessing in-depth knowledge of the company and its products. When you have a question, these people are able to answer it authentically and quickly.

V2 also supplies a 30-day guarantee: your money back if not totally satisfied with their electronics. Checkout is quick via any platform (mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or PC). V2’s customer base spreads far and wide across the world with a good showing in Europe and the United Kingdom.

V2 advertises at the business level, but they are also supported by happy customers and successful affiliates. V2 Cigs makes a quality, top-ranking series of products for use with e liquids, herbs, and concentrates as well as e juices. They are also associated with ZigZag, one of the oldest cigarette companies, now a producer of e cigs as well.

V2 E-Cig KitsV2 Products

At V2, they sell a big selection of starter kits for every level of vaper and each item they produce. That goes for the Classic, EX Series, and Pro Series e cigs/mods.

Their batteries are available in assorted colors and styles as well as different sizes. One can opt for the automatic “puff” function or manual style of vaping. It is possible to buy blank tanks and refill these but consumers also order flavored, pre-filled cartomizers to save hassle and mess.

Cartomizers are atomized cartridges; items full of e juice and prepared with a heating element which they replace every time they throw out a cartridge.

E Liquid is available in 12 V2 flavors plus a few from ZigZag. Value is good and this is a great e juice for beginners because it’s not too thick for basic coils.

They also sell chargers, lanyards, and other accessories to augment your set of chargers and batteries, supplying extras for various locations in your life, but also to replace them as they break down or you misplace them.

The Pro Series

I’m starting from the back with this one, but the Pro Series vape pen is a revelation to vapers. When V2 released it a couple of years ago, there was a lot of online talk about how great it would be to have a pen that handled three types of materials.

Usually, you have to order a pen for herbs, another for liquids, and possibly a third for wax. These are frequently very cheap items or they form a single unit so you can’t replace the cartridge when it stops working or separate a good cartridge from a spent battery.

The Pro Series looks like it’s an all-in-one piece but that’s owing to a clever design feature involving a raised console supporting cartridges and a magnetic battery which automatically reads a code built into each cartridge and sets power accordingly.

A chipset tells the system whether this cartridge was designed for liquids, herbs, or wax without the user having to do more than press the “on” switch. Vapor production is very good. The Pro Series 3 is automatic and offers eGo-style power but a Pro Series 7 is adjustable and more powerful; thus, this pen is larger, but still discrete.

V2 Classic and EX Series BatteriesClassic and EX Series Batteries

These are what vapers refer to as “mini cigs” or electronics with the shape of cigarettes. A Classic is closest to this shape and selecting the right colors will really fool people into thinking you are really holding a smoke, but choose a shade of blue or pink and that illusion goes out the window.

The EX is far too ornate to be mistaken for a cigarette or a cigar. A series of small LED lights indicating battery power level also provide too much glitter for this to be anything but an e cig.

E Juice

Try all the flavors, starting with three types of tobacco that are much like cigarette styles, only without acrid undertones. There are three minty/menthol styles, fruits, and gourmet or dessert items too. Bottles come in 25 ml and 50 ml formats with up to 2.4% nicotine.

Connect With V2

Use the V2 website to find out more about their products. Theirs is one of the most transparent firms around; they don’t hide anything. Learn about the ingredients in their e liquid. Find out how to use products with articles and tutorials. Access customer service and affiliate marketing information. Customer service is available via email and social media but the V2 forum is also helpful. Customer service is located in the United States.

Vape for Free

Use reward points to save money and eventually pay for your e cigs and e juices. The vaping habit is cheaper than smoking, but the cost of replacements adds up. Take advantage of reward points automatically provided to customers and use those to buy ongoing supplies. Another way of saving money is to buy starter kits which contain the replacements you require for less.

Read Reviews

Finally, if this is your first e cig, read what others have to say about V2. Even as new brands enter the field, you will find this long-running brand in the top-10 consistently; even the top-5. Vapers come back to V2’s reliable quality, excellent customer service, and value for money.

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