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Volcano E-Cigs Review

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Volcano E-Cigs Review

Volcano wants to assure you: they really are serious about e cigs, except not mini cigs anymore. That’s where they drew the line in 2015.

The Magma is gone (some pre-filled cartomizers remain until stock is gone) and they begin 2016 with their name on some well-read review pages. Things could be looking up for Volcano E Cigs.

A Quiet Season

For a couple of years, Volcano E Cigs’ prospects did not look as promising as those at Vaporfi or V2. Volcano hadn’t diversified for a while. People weren’t talking about Volcano’s Magma or Inferno the way they were discussing the Rocket and Vox by Vaporfi or V2’s Pro Series vaporizers. Then Volcano E Cigs started focusing on equipment from the eGo upwards: right up to advanced devices for expert vapers, including variable and mechanical mods.

Volcano E Cigs from the Start

They are not leaving their original impetus behind in favor of a new, trendy outlook where people don’t matter. Volcano still cares about you, the new or intermediate vaper. They just shifted their focus and it looks like that’s making good business sense.

Back in 2009 when Cory Smith and Jos Burnett started the firm, the mini cig was a revolution. Now there are box mods and mechanical mods and all sorts of high-end electronics. Even new vapers are brave enough to skip the cigalike level and start with something a bit more advanced like the Inferno. Volcano E Cigs still chooses to make and market exceptional products but customers are the center of what they do: not just in Hawaii but nationwide and worldwide.

Volcano E Cig Originals

Their site lists devices by assorted companies but here are their original products (inspired, in many cases, by other brands). The Inferno is choice number one: a basic eGo-type unit offering 650 mAh or 900 mAh and one-switch operation. Their LavaTube 3 is an updated version of that variable watt cylinder in assorted colors which Volcano has been tweaking for years. The Tephra is an APV; so is the Lavabox DNA 200. Last in line is the Pele, at least on this list. Your preferences are guided by stylistic choices and your expertise with vaping.

Starter Kits

The Inferno starter kit provides two batteries (one in each size), a 1.8-ohm BCT tank, chargers, and 15 ml of Volcano’s V-Liquid made in the United States.

Inferno kit

Pay $80 for the set in one of several shiny metallic shades.

The LavaTube 3 is a 40W system boasting a big screen, a 2900-mAh battery, 35A maximum output, and smooth controls.

Lavatube 3 kit

If you buy this set (priced just under $200), you get to choose a flavor of e juice and also receive a Tube Tank Pro. Chargers are included too.

Select a LavaBox DNA 200 built with Evolv’s DNA power control board to automatically regulate voltage and allow the user control over wattage or temperature.

Lavabox DNA 200 Box Mod Kit

This large mod can be customized with grips so you don’t drop it and also to liven up the black exterior. You pay $169.99 for the device alone containing a 3-cell and rechargeable via USB. Evolv’s DNA chip is super protective, safeguarding against a short circuit, overheating, and voltage irregularities. Watch temperature or wattage rise on the OLED screen where error alerts are also displayed.

The Tephra and Pele are mechanical mods, meaning you can’t adjust them at the press of a button as you can with the LavaTube. The Tephra 2 is what’s known as a 26650 mod (a wide one) made from stainless steel with a 6061-billet removable aluminum sleeve.

Tephra 2 Starter Kit

There are various interchangeable colors to cover an aluminum sleeve and provide grip. The Tephra mechanical mod is perfect with a Cauldron RDA which matches the wide dimensions of its host.

The Tephra 1 is narrow like most mods (18650 width).

Tephra 1 Mod

Select a Pele mechanical vaping device made in Hawaii from 303 stainless steel.

Volcano Pele Mod

Hand-assembled, it’s beautiful and pricy but worth the money with its adjustable 510 connection made from brass and copper contact pins for the best possible electrical conduction. The Pele accommodates a Caldera atomizer or another tank of your choosing, thanks to the flexibility of this set up.

Lock the device for safety with a quarter turn. Cross-hatching provides grip. There are three vent holes to release pressure and heat from around the battery. A Hawaiian flag has been engraved on your mod’s button, recessed to prevent accidental firing.

Lave Line E Juice

Volcano e liquids

On top of their V-Liquid, USA-made e juice, Volcano E Cigs has added a dripping line called the Lava Line. Each variety is named for one of the world’s greatest volcanoes. Choose hazelnut and white chocolate biscotti from Italy in honor of Vesuvius.

Japan’s Mount Fuji is represented by mandarin oranges, hibiscus, and cherry blossoms. A blast of cool brambleberry skyr supported by vanilla and mint should transport you to Grimsvotn in Iceland.

Diamond Head is Hawaii’s blend: passion fruit, sugared orange, and guava nectar. The mixture is sweet and tart at the same time. Each one contains an equal amount of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin and 0, 3, 12, or 18 mg of nicotine per/ml. A 30-ml bottle is priced reasonably at $22.99 but large orders are rewarded with discounts.

There is the regular juice series too and an e liquid of the week sold at discount. A 15-ml bottle costs $12.99 or buy 30 ml for better value. Lahaina Lychee, Parker Rancher, Waikiki Watermelon, and various forms of tobacco and menthol are just a few of many styles to choose from. Volcano e juice is made in carefully controlled conditions using high-quality ingredients.

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