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What Is A Cartomizer?

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What Is A Cartomizer?

Some vapers are too young or too new to e cigs to remember the three-part electronic cigarette. These devices were comprised of a battery, cartridge, and atomizer. You still see this in the Joyetech eRoll and similar Chinese devices. Some people even prefer this design. Clearly, however, American audiences have been drawn to the two-part e cig design characterized by the combination of a battery and cartomizer.

What Is a Cartomizer?

A clue is in the name. Take a cartridge, combine it with an atomizer.

Cartridge + Atomizer = Cart-omizer

You now have one item with two parts and a name which contains both of them. A cartomizer is an e liquid cartridge containing an atomizer: the heating coil which creates vapor out of e juice.

Buying Cartomizers

Typically, you only buy cartomizers if you vape with cigalikes from American brand such as Vaporfi, V2, and Halo. These include filled and unfilled cartomizers.

You find them in the section of a website marked “e liquid,” “accessories,” “refills,” or “cartomizers” sold in packs of five. Some companies don’t provide blanks; others only sell blanks. Firms like V2 and Halo give you the option to decide if you want to refill or not.

Refillable cartomizers are better value because bottled e juice costs less per/ml than liquid in the pre-filled format. You pay about one third for blanks plus e juice, maybe even less. With a blank, you get to choose a flavor and a brand of e juice from your battery provider or elsewhere. The coil is simple, so you need to select propylene glycol-dominant blends. Vegetable glycerin clogs these coils and the wicking they are filled with.

Alternative to a Cartomizer

What if you use eGos? Are there cartomizers for those too? A few companies provide this option, but most of them utilize slightly higher-grade alloys for longer lasting tanks you can refill up to 20 times. Even better vessels like glassomizers and tanks contain replaceable coils in multiple resistance levels for vaping at high temperatures and chasing clouds with thicker e liquids made by gourmet brands.

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