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What Is An Atomizer?

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What Is An Atomizer?

Vapers have come to associate atomizers with high-end tanks. They usually refer to their Rebuildable Tank Atomziers, Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers, and so on. What they forget is that the atomizer part is actually not the tank itself but a component of the overall design.

Atomizer at a Glance

Did you ever wonder where the word “cartomizer” came from? Assuming you remember your days as a mini cig vaper, if you didn’t skip these in favor of eGos, then you remember the cartridges containing e juice. Whether they were pre-filled or blank for refilling by the customer, they started out as cartridges with detachable atomizers. These formed a third part of the mini cig design which would be replaced every so often. Later, they were incorporated with the cartridge and their blending led to the naming of a new product: the cartomizer. Now vapers had two-piece e cigs.

What the Atomizer Does

This atomizer piece is essential to any vaping device. It’s a heating coil, like the sort seen on an old-fashioned stove, but much smaller. Available in many varieties, they are made from assorted metal alloys which conduct heat directly to e juice to create vapor and eventually burn down.

Styles of Atomizer

Cheap alloys burn down quickly: say, every three to five days. That’s why you replace the atomizer with every new cartomizer. Waiting too long, you are at risk of experiencing a dry hit. In more advanced clearomizers (clear cartridges), the coil lasts through a few refills or is replaceable enabling consumers to hold onto a really good tank and throw away just the worn part.

Temperature Control Mods can only be operated if the RTA on top contains a Titanium, Nickel 200, or 316 Stainless Steel coil. These are temperature-sensitive, long-wearing metals. With TC coils in place, your atomizer wears down slowly and you don’t need to use as much power to create hot vapor. Consumers love the efficiency of these coils which require less frequent replacement, create purer tasting e juice, and drain the battery slowly.

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What Is A Cartomizer?
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