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White Cloud

White Cloud

At Florida’s White Cloud E Cigs, the goal is to design and sell excellent vaping products for new vapers. White Cloud accompanies products with educational information online using language for the layman but also providing some more complex details about the science behind vaping. Tackle the basics or delve more deeply into this complicated subject where chemistry meets culinary and electronic arts.

Developing Knowledge First

As their staff learns, White Cloud turns what they learn over to their customers. That’s one of the fundamental aspects of this American company, and an endearing one: if you don’t know what the subject is all about, start here. Don’t worry if you buy from another brand: White Cloud wants you to be educated about the topic. If they win you over with their in-depth education, that’s a bonus for the company. The firm got its start in 2008 but didn’t grow to its current status for a few years. Now White Cloud is among the top ten alongside Vaporfi, V2, 777, and Halo.

E Cig Education for America on TV

In 2014 White Cloud told vapers they were going to partner with a program called the Leading Edge Series. The result would be a show available on mainstream television. You can now watch a recording on the White Cloud website. White Cloud also posts videos showing consumers how to use their products, so if you are a visual learner take advantage of their online tutorials.

Products at White Cloud

White Cloud designs disposable “Fling” e cigs and rechargeable starter kits plus flavored, pre-filled cartridges. Their Fling comes in two sizes: small and wide. Cirrus starter sets are also available in multiple formats and are currently on sale for 50%. See this as your incentive to stop smoking in 2016.

Have a Fling

Try a Fling: a one-time, non-rechargeable device from White Cloud. This could be your entry into the world of vaping flavorful e liquids made in Florida or a convenient way to alternate between cigarettes and e cigs. Buy Fling disposable e cigs for colleagues and keep them around the work place so staff members do not go outside to smoke, returning saturated with the stink of chemicals or frozen to the bone on a frigid day. Give them as gifts to friends who are smoking as encouragement to try vaping instead. Keep them around for days when you are tempted to return to cigarettes, even if you don’t vape seriously. Individual mini Flings cost $5.95 while the bigger variety is priced $9.95. Discounts are available if you want to purchase packs of 5 or up to 100.

The wide Fling measures 4.5 inches and contains 1 ml of e juice which could last up to 9 hours. A smaller version measures 3.23 inches, which is more like a cigarette, but with more puff time. There are lots of flavors to choose from, which is a big selling point for the series. Most disposable e cigs are available in tobacco or menthol only.

Save with Starter Sets

A starter kit automatically saves the consumer money. This is a bundle containing essential vaping items which would cost a few dollars more if you added them to your e-cart separately (common to electronics of all kinds). The Cirrus rechargeable e cig is made in 3 sizes: compare these sizes and starter kit styles side-by-side online or browse contents and technical specs casually, giving yourself some time to let the information sink in. Don’t forget that if you found White Cloud, thanks to an affiliate marketer’s website link, you should return to that site and place your order so he or she can benefit from commission.

Cirrus 2, 3, and 3X Kits

Right now the Cirrus 2 costs about $20, thanks to that discount, but it’s not a cheap 1-battery waste of time ($20 is the average price for a 1-battery, 2-cartridge, 1-USB set sold by numerous brands). With the Cirrus 2, you receive two 7-cm batteries offering up to 9 hours of life per charge. Replenish power with the Chargebolt USB. An AC adapter is also supplied.

Try the Cirrus 3 for $35. You receive three 6-cm batteries lasting up to 6 hours: less than the Cirrus 2, but that’s why you get 3 of them. There is also a pack of 5 ClearDraw flavored e juice cartridges, an AC adapter, and the stunning Squid Charger accommodating three batteries simultaneously. That would be another reason for the higher price.

Select a $45 Cirrus 3X to receive three 7.8-cm batteries lasting up to 12 hours each. You also receive an AC adapter, a DC adapter, and a USB charger besides 5 cartridges. The Omni set blends a little of everything from those items listed above. Choose your flavor and strength and add a case for less than $4.

Clear Draw Cartridges

White Cloud produces more than 20 flavors of ClearDraw cartridges containing 0.75 ml of e liquid. They look like cigarette filters but don’t produce ash or the thousands of poisons associated with cigarettes. Select a nicotine level (zero to double-extra) and either simulate your smoking experience closely or withdraw with relaxing flavors and a more relaxing nicotine habit (that is, less of its stimulating influence over your body). Flavors include exotic Bora Bora, Regular Tobacco, Menthol, Lime & Coconut, Strawberry, and Chocolate.

Sign Up Online

Become a member of the White Cloud email list and receive news about products. This is a good way to stay informed about e cig news and White Cloud promotions, discounts, or new products for 2016.

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